Trial Tattoos

April 12, 2018
Tattoo trial in mehndi by Henna Soul Norfolk

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Taking the plunge to getting a permanent tattoo can be a really big decision and it’s not always easy to imagine what a design will look like once it’s on your skin. Will you like the placement/size/design once it’s actually there?

Henna provides the perfect opportunity to try before you buy and get to know what you want before you commit to the real thing. A well looked after mehndi tattoo can last for up to 2 weeks, some times longer depending on where it is on your body. This means you have enough time to wear your design and get a real feel for what it will be like with out having to make any big commitments. Henna is also a lot cheaper than permanent ink meaning you can try a few different placements and have several practice goes with out breaking the bank. It’s also completely painless and a pretty relaxing experience so, mega bonus!

If the tattoo you want isn’t a traditional henna pattern, don’t worry. Most things are possible freehand in henna and for more complicated images we can use the same stencils a tattooist would use to ensure you get an accurate replica of your chosen design. In fact I really enjoy the challenge of creating something that isn’t standard mehndi patterns!

If you would like to discuss your trial tattoo ideas further get in touch via email or call me on 07900 212441.