Henna in Pregnancy

April 13, 2018
pregnancy belly blessing henna mandala applied by henna soul in norwich
Being pregnant is an incredibly magical time. For me it was probably when I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt and despite the inevitable aches and pains it felt that I was using my body to the best of it's abilities. To know your body is fulfilling a great purpose to make new life and that that life is your own child growing inside you is one of the most sacred and special things a women can feel.
Through out history henna has been used to mark special occasions. It is believed in many cultures to have magical like qualities, to bless and bring luck to the wearer in what ever task or event they may be undertaking. Probably the most well known example of use of henna for special occasions is the application of bridal mehndi to celebrate a marriage but henna is used for many other occasions and celebrations.
In recent times women have created a new tradition to celebrate and bless pregnancy by adorning baby bumps and it is a new ritual that I love! Pregnancy henna has been made popular in recent times when Beyonce had her bump  adorned for her baby shower last year. Her bump henna was especially exciting to see as it was a moroccan style design which is something very close to my heart!
It is an honour to be a part of a woman's journey to motherhood in this way and the canvas of a pregnant belly is so fun to work on. For the mother it is a wonderfully relaxing experience and an opportunity to feel pampered at a time when you really need it. When working on pregnant women I use henna mixed with lavender oil. Lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils and is safe to use during pregnancy. It's scent is also known to have calming qualities. If you are planning on using aromatherapy or hypnobirthing during labour a henna session can help to add positive attachments in your mind to the smell of lavender which in turn will help you to relax quicker if you use the oil during birth.
The design possibilities for bump hennas are endless and with such a large canvass to work on we can really get creative, making you a design that is unique true to you. Henna is a lovely addition to a baby shower (and your guests can have a little mehndi too) or if you would prefer a more quiet experience, a private appointment is a great way to relax and unwind.
Prices for pregnancy henna start from £30, if you are interested in some adornment for you and bump get in touch to discuss what we can do.
pregnancy baby bump blessing henna by henna soul norfolk