First Henna Workshop

May 7, 2018
Mehndi workshop by Henna Soul Norfolk

31143994_1595451840540938_2211849131704451072_nA couple of weeks ago I held my first ever beginners henna workshop. I have taught henna before, some friends and I used to run a Henna Jam in Norwich, but this was the first time I had run a workshop like this solo. I absolutely loved it! I have such a passion and love for henna and I really enjoy getting to share that with others, especially when they have an interest too!

Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills around henna and it was fantastic to be able to share some of it with my students. There are tonnes of little tips and tricks that you pick up along the way that make it so much easier and it’s great to be able to give those to  people starting out and help them along the journey a bit quicker.

While preparing for the workshop I spent a lot of time thinking about what and how I was going to teach and I was (pleasantly!) surprised and just how much I had to share. Breaking down henna to the basics gave me some new insights in to how it all works and I think it’s even helped me improve a few things. There so many things that you do automatically in life and when you stop to think about how it all works it can really change your perspective on it. I also quickly realised that I have far more to share than I could possibly fit in to 3 hours and so I am fully pumped and inspired for several different types of other workshops I want to run.31265381_1595451753874280_5057354433768194048_n

I genuinely loved spending time with all the ladies that came and was so grateful to have such a lovely mix of people. We went through how to make safe natural henna and how to fill cones and then the basic elements of henna patterns and how to put them together in to different compositions of designs. For this workshop I focused mainly on mehndi style floral and curvy patterns rather than the more linear geometric stuff that I am known for. Personally I think they can be easier for beginners to get to grips with and sometimes it’s good to learn to walk before you run. That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of skill needed to pull off floral designs well but I think when learning cone control it’s good to work with a variety of types of line and so doing all straight lines doesn’t really work!

Mehndi Students at workshop taught by Henna Soul, NorfolkOne of the biggest things that struck me from the feedback I received about the day was how relaxing and calming everyone found it. Nearly every henna artist I know will say that hennaing is their happy place and I can’t think of many activities I find more relaxing that getting lost in a henna cone but I hadn’t considered that it would have the same effect on the new students. All this has made me think that I would love to run a course on henna as relaxation and creativity as meditation, so watch this space for more info as the idea develops!

And of course no good day is complete with out tasty snacks so I made brownies, chocolate balls and sausage rolls for everyone to enjoy. All vegan and gluten free too cos I like to be inclusive!

Henna students at mehndi workshop Norfolk, Henna Soul A massive thank you to all of you who came and made it so special. I can’t wait to see how your art develops!